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Prima Queen | Live Review

Clwb Ifor Bach | Cardiff | Wed 25th May


Superb performance from the dynamic duo. As it was amazing to see to see an all-female rock band at the Welsh club, dressed in black and stunning boots. Presenting Louise Macphail and Kristin McFadden on lead vocals and guitars. Alongside Heledd Owen on drums and Kitty Drummond on bass.

The audience was fully packed. So packed that I can barely move my hands as I’m writing this review. They featured their first song from their album Not The Baby called: “Chew My Cheeks,” Macphail looks seductive and cool on stage. Even her vocal range was luring to alluring. Also, her guitar solo piece was good when playing “Invisible Hand.” However, it was not quite clear what the song is about, as the lyrics were confusing to me.

Meanwhile, McFadden looks vibrant and glowing. Feeling positive with a smile on her face (I know this as she kept smiling at me). Her vocal range was amazing and her violin solo piece was graceful and talented. Especially, when she was plucking her violin as they performed: “Butter Knife.” It created an ambience for the stage. Also, her solo guitar piece was spot on. Rifting back and forth with her red ponytail.

Originally from Bristol and Chicago, the dynamic duo were very cheerful on stage. As their harmonies were spectacular. You can see the likelihood of their friendship as it was liberating to see an all-female rock band. PQ reminded me of a mixture of Arcade Fire and The Runaways.

Photographer: Jamie Chapman

Furthermore, I found it illuminating and meaningful as they performed their last song: “Eclipse.” Which got the audience dancing on stage that I ended up being in the centre of it (don’t ask me how).

In conclusion, there should be more female singers performing in South Wales, as it was inspiring to see. Especially PQ, who performed better live and should continue performing.

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