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Violet Skies | Live Review

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Club Ifor Bach |Cardiff | Tues 21st June


Skies is a force of nature who should not be reckoned with! Started out singing her previous single “Lonely”; she offers her stage presence to be zen.

Furthermore, she moves her arms and body in sync with her own songs. I can tell you from this songwriter, she is singing from her personal life and her experiences in the past. By tapping her hand onto her chest and easing out her painful experience as a female artist by singing it out.

This talented female singer had later talked about her experience from the pandemic, found it to be inspiring for her to write her songs on her album called: If I Saw You Again. Which later, she performed her new single called: “Jupiter” and starts hitting those high key notes. As a result, her vocals portrayed to be angelic.

The atmosphere of the stage had a white large door, with flowers and leaves on the side. Including blue/purple lights looming over the room and using a smoke machine. Alot of smoke came out that I ended up coughing. Which was difficult to see the singer itself. Along with her bandmates; Martin on the keyboard/synth/drums and an unknown female guitarist (sorry I do not know her name if she is reading this).

Her personality on stage was filled with positivity and has a sense of humour that shines out in her performance. Along with talking to her fans about her current tour, her past relationship and life being a singer/songwriter for many years in the making. Later, she walks around on stage, holding a mic in her hand and marching around singing “I’ll Buy A House.” Already, she has got the crowd buzzing out loud.

Skies is the type of singer who wants to be seen and heard. As well as making herself known in the music industry as a powerful talented singer! Already she won the hearts of the Welsh community.

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