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Johanna Warren | Live Review

Clwb Ifor Bach | Cardiff | Thurs 17th Nov


A Sensational performance from this Alternative Indie singer from St’ Petersburg, Florida, US! Warren’s acoustic guitar solo performance enchanted the audience and given them her spiritual aura. She appeared on the stage with healing crystals and took her shoes off as a way of being comfortable.

However, she was not comfortable in her stage presence, as she was very nervous in front of the audience and she ended up messing up both of her songs. For one of them she had to do it all over again and it was confusing to know which of her songs she sang (with Warren muddling up the lyrics). Although she asked her audience to sit on the ground to lower her anxiety levels at the time (which was rare for a singer’s request). It did not make her nerves go away as they became worst. In my opinion, this was the first time that she has ever been on stage in front of an audience and was overwhelmed by it all to which her nerves eventually had taken over. Nevertheless, Warren kept on performing on stage.

Although I added two stars on the rating above, I would however rate this to be two and a half stars instead because her guitar playing was great to listen to with great melodies that were playing peaceful as well as angelic. Furthermore, Warren strike up every one of her chords and was spot on. In addition, the “Tooth for a Tooth” acoustic version was better than the original and revealed her inner Rockness to the stage.

Warren has brought her personality on stage as a way of getting to know the solo singer by making jokes in front of the audience and what her music is about. Her vocals were peaceful, spiritual, angelic, powerful and a raging rock and roll with the song “Twisted.” She indicated that the song was dedicated to her horrible former landlord.

Furthermore, Warren’s songs were deep and meaningful. Which she brought to the stage and was very inspiring towards me personally. However, if she is reading this: “please do not be nervous on the stage next time! Work out your nerves!”

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