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Pale Blue Eyes | Live Review

Clwb Ifor Bach | Cardiff | Wed 17th May


Singing live from their album Souvenirs with the single “Globe”, they were exciting and mesmerising to watch. It features strong electromagnetic impulses, including smoke glistening across the stage. Trying to create an atmosphere that transports you back in time.

Originally from Devon and Sheffield, their performance was flawless live, featuring Matt Board the lead guitarist/ lead vocalist. Alongside his wife Lucy Board the drummer (also backing vocals) and bass player Aubrey Simpson.

M. Board, the lead vocalist was uplifting and spirited as his vocal range was superb, as it transcends back into the 80s rock music and gives away a dance vibe. Reminds me of Larkins (band) back in the day. Plus, it is something that you can dance to.

His presence on stage was positive and has the biggest smile on his face. Had a keen sense of humour, for example, he made a joke earlier to his biggest fan at the front saying: "If I forget the words, I'll just ask you instead. Because you seem to know them well.” Unknown to who the person was for playing the synth on the stage, his synthesizing skills were nothing but perfection (including his backing vocals). Performing the single “Chelsea,” he created an angelic atmosphere on the stage and added a tambourine to the set. Trying to create an atmosphere to the stage, very surround sound which was uplifting with enthusiasm.

Photographer: Jamie Chapman
Photographer: Jamie Chapman

Speaking of enthusiasm, Bassist Simpson was rocking on stage with his bass guitar, rocking his head back and forth and bringing in a melo-beat to the stage. It was very engaging to see.

In summary, PBE music was bona fide and delivered a sense of odyssey towards the stage. It has got the crowd going wild. I mean literally, the person next to me was jumping up and down and dancing. Their songs aren’t exactly the songs that I normally listen to, until now. They have a unique sound that fits into the crowd and I’m sure that their music would be worth listening towards a much bigger crowd.

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